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01)  1:5000 Scale Map, Cathedral Massif Glacier System, Atlin Wilderness Park, NW British Columbia
02)  1946-1962 Survey of the Regional Pattern of Alaskan Glacier Variations
03)  A Distribution Study of Abandoned Cirques in the Alaska-Canada Boundary Range
04)  Alaska
05)  Alaska: Physical and Human Geography, Economy, and Land Management of the 49th State
06)  A Late-Pleistocene Glacial Sequence from Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
07)  A Method for Bottom Sediment Sampling in Glacial Lakes
08)  An Evaluation of Methods for Estimating Manning's n in Small Mountain Streams
09)  A Nomenclature for Banded Structures in Firn and Glacier Ice
10)  A PC-based Portable Ice Radar System
11)  Alaskan Glacier Commemorative Project, Phase I
12)  Alaskan Glacier Commemorative Project, Phase II
13)  Alaskan Glacier Commemorative Project, Phase III
14)  Alaskan Glacier Commemorative Project, Phase V
15)  Annual Net Balance of North Cascades Glaciers, 1984-94
16)  Avalanche Activity on the Vaughan Lewis Icefall, Alaska
17)  Beyond the Pole
18)  Biological Weathering on Nunataks of the Juneau Icefield, Alaska
19)  Chemical Weathering Process on the Vantage Peak Nunatak, Juneau Icefield, Southern Alaska
20)  Current Behavior of Glaciers in the North Cascades and Effect on Regional Water Supplies
21)  Determination of Surface Velocities, Strain, and Mass Flow Rates on the Taku Glacier, Juneau Icefield, Alaska
22)  Digital Terrain Models as a Tool for Glacier Studies
23)  Entropy and the Self-Regulation of Glaciers in Arctic and Alpine Regions
24)  Evolution of the Western Part of the Coast Plutonic-Metamorphic Complex, Southeast Alaska, USA
25)  Exploring the Juneau Ice Cap
26)  Floating Islands
27)  Folds in Firn
28)  Glacial Surveys in Western Canada
29)  Glacier Fluctuations for Six Centuries in Southeastern Alaska and its Relations to Solar Activity
30)  Glaciers and Glaciology
31)  Glacio-Meteorology on Mt. Everest in 1963
32)  Glaciological and Geological Investigations on the 1965 Mount Kennedy, Yukon, Expedition
33)  Glaciothermal Studies on the Taku Glacier, Southeastern Alaska
34)  Influence of Rock Jointing on the Asymmetric Form of the Ptarmigan Glacier Valley, Southeastern Alaska
35)  Inventory of Terminal Position Changes in Alaskan Coastal Glaciers Since the 1750's
36)  Kaolin Model Glaciers
37)  Mass Balance of Southeast Alaska and NW British Columbia Glaciers from 1976 to 1984: Methods and Results
38)  Mass Balance of the Taku Glacier, Alaska from 1946 to 1986
39)  Mass Balance Measurements on the Lemon Creek Glacier, Juneau Icefield, Alaska, 1953-1998
40)  Measurement of Surface Strain-Rate on Taku Glacier, Alaska
41)  Measurement of Surface Strain Rates in Glaciers Using Embedded Wire Strain Gages
42)  Mount Everest and the Mahalangur Himal, 1963
43)  On the Formation of Small Marginal Lakes on the Juneau Icefield, Southeastern Alaska, USA
44)  Out of Phase Holocene Climatic Trends in the Maritime and Continental Sectors of the Alaska-Canada Boundary Range
45)  Periodic Drainage of Glacier-dammed Tulsequah Lake, Juneau Icefield, B.C.
46)  Phenomena Associated with the Deformation of a Glacier Bore-hole, Taku Glacier, Alaska
47)  Radar Glacier Zones in Southeast Alaska, USA: Field and Satellite Observations
48)  Recent Climatic Variations, Their Causes and Neogene Perspectives
49)  Recent Trends in Lemon Creek Glacier, Alaska
50)  Rock Moisture Data from the Juneau Icefield (Alaska) and Its Significance for Mechanical Weathering Studies
51)  Sorted Strip Macrofabrics in Camp 29 Sector, Cathedral Massif, Atlin Wilderness Provincial Park, B.C.
52)  Status Report on Juneau Icefield Research, 1952
53)  Supraglacial Stream Dynamics on the Juneau Icefield, Alaska
54)  Taku Glacier, Alaska Stone Roundness of Moraines
55)  The Annual Balance of North Cascades Glacier: Measured and Predicted Using an Activity-Index Method
56)  The High Ice Plateau of the Juneau Icefield, British Columbia: Form and Dynamics
57)  The Impact of Global Warming on Glacier Mass Balance in the North Cascades, Washington and the Juneau Icefield, Alaska
58)  Thermophysical Characteristics of Glaciers: Toward a Rational Classification
59)  The Role of Diastrophism in the Regimen of Glaciers in the St. Elias District, Alaska
60)  The Terms Neve and Firn, and Glacier Tunnel Observations in Alaska
61)  The Vaughan Lewis Glacier, Juneau Icefield, Alaska
62)  Ultraviolet (A) and Short-Wave Radiation on the Juneau Icefield, Alaska
63)  A Seismic Survey Across Llewellyn Glacier, Camp 26 Sector, Juneau Icefield, Alaska/Canada
64)  A Seven-Year Experience in Expedition Medicine: The Juneau Icefield Research Program
65)  Basal Morphology of Icy Basin, Juneau Icefield, Alaska
66)  Current Behavior of Glaciers in the North Cascades and Effect on Regional Water Supplies
67)  Genetic Links Among Fluid Cycling, Vein Formation, Regional Deformation, and Plutonism in the Juneau Gold Belt, Southeastern Alaska
68)  Geophysical Depth Measurements Using Seismic Reflections on the Llewellyn Glacier, Juneau Icefield, Alaska/Canada
69)  Glossary of Terms for Test Pit Stratigraphy on the Juneau Icefield Research Program
70)  Gravitational Profiles on the Taku Glacier System
71)  Measured Beta Activity of Alaskan Firn
72)  Morphogenetic Classification of Pleistocene Glaciations in the Alaska-Canada Boundary Range
73)  New Seismic Depth Profiles on Taku Glacier - 1993
74)  Of Ogives and Moraines: Glacial Motion in the Juneau Icefield
75)  Overdeepened Glaciation, Past and Present: Lake Pend Oreille, Northern Idaho and Taku Glacier, Southeastern Alaska
76)  Quaternary Erosional and Stratigraphic Sequences in the Alaska-Canada Boundary Range
77)  Seismic Measurements on the Taku Glacier, 1949
78)  Stratigraphy of a Silt-Cored Palsa, Atlin Region, Northern British Columbia, Canada
79)  Structural Evolution of the Alaska Juneau Loge Gold Deposit, Southeastern Alaska
80)  The Equilibrium Flow and Positive Mass Balance of the Taku Glacier, Alaska, 2002
81)  The Poulter Seismic Method of Geophysical Exploration
82)  The Taku Wind of Southeast Alaska: Its Identification and Prediction
83)  The Winter Climate of Juneau: A Mean of Contrasting Regimes
84)  Travel and Rescue in Crevassed Areas
85)  Water Bows: White Bows and Red Bows


On the Llewellyn Glacier


Negotiating a crevasse zone on the lower Llewellyn Glacier